Supermarket Cakes

On this page we’ll try to summarise the options for getting a personalised cake from a supermarket. Note, the supermarkets may change the offer details at any time, so we cannot promise that they’re correct. If you find something’s wrong, please let us know.

Sainsbury’s Personalised Cakes


We couldn’t actually find anything online which mentioned a Sainsbury’s personalisation service for cakes. The closest thing we could find was a Madeira cake topped with icing in the shape of a picture frame which came with a pen containing edible ink! The idea seems to be that you order the cake, then write on it with the pen. It’d probably be quite easy to write illegibly unless you know what you’re doing! Sainsbury’s may have an in-store cake-printing service.

Summary: We’d recommend using the online personalisation options at Bakerdays to get the perfect cake and your own custom text done professionally. šŸ™‚

M&S Personalised Cakes


Marks and SpencerĀ 

Marks & Spencer have many cakes on their website which you can personalise by having a message written in icing. There don’t seem to be any “advanced” personalisation options such as the size of the cake, the type of cake, alternative text colour, font type or font size. Also, for all the cake we looked at, you need to collect the cake seven days after ordering! That’s quite restricted compared to the better personalisation options and next day delivery available from Bakerdays.

Summary: Unless you want a specific style of cake from M&S, are willing to wait seven days for it and are happy to collect it, we’d recommend you go with Bakerdays who offer a large degree of customisation, from the size and style of the cake to the font size, font type and colour of the personalised message.


Tesco Personalised Cakes

We couldn’t find a way to order and personalise cakes or cupcakes on the Tesco website. Apparently, in the past, you could buy a cake at a Tesco supermarket and have it personalised by taking in a photo which the in-house bakery would scan and print onto the cake, which would take an hour or two. I’ve read that the service costĀ Ā£10 although it doesn’t seem like this service is still widely available and may be in the process of being phased out. Perhaps there were too many issues with copyright. If you’re interested in having a photo or artwork printed on a cake, you may want to check with the largest Tesco superstore near you who are most likely to offer the service.

Summary: If the service is still available, it seems to be limited to printing a picture or artwork on to a cake. While this can be done in an hour or two, making it a “last minute” solution, it only offers a very limited kind of personalisation. If you have a bit more time available and don’t want to be concerned with things like the machine being unavailable, not working, the specific cakes they can print on being sold out or anything else that could add to your stress levels on the day you actually want the cake, we’d recommend uploading your image to Bakerdays and using their photo cake service and customisation options! Bakerdays can deliver the next day, so there’s not a lot of difference. šŸ™‚



Asda And Morrisons Personalised Cakes

Similar to Tesco, Asda and Morrisons don’t have online cake-personalisation services, but some stores offer cake-printing services. In fact, the services seems to be a kiosk offered by a company called IntercakeĀ at Asda bakeries and Morissons party zones. The service is actually the printing of an uploaded image (via iPhone, USB or direct photo scanning, no copyright images) and message on to sugar paper using edible inks. The cake topper is then put on the cake you selected by a store staff member when you take them your receipt and pay for it. Apparently the service only takes 10-15 minutes. I guess how long it will actually take depends on how busy the service is at the time.

Summary: Much like Tesco, this cake printing service seems to have quite a sparse availability, but is suitable for a totally last-minute solution to getting a non-copyright image or photo printed onto a cake.



Waitrose Personalised Cakes

Unlike all the other supermarkets listed here, Waitrose does actually let you personalise cakes at their website, and have a lot of designs to choose from, including ones avoiding soya and vegetarian. However, many of those designs are available in 7 or 14 days! You can personalise the cakes with a hand-piped message of up to 25/30 characters, including punctuation and spaces. It seems like these items can be added to the online “trolley”, so may actually be available for home delivery, but we haven’t checked that.

Summary: If you like the Waitrose designs, and are willing to wait a week or more, their cake personalisation service may be right for you. We’d still suggest checking out Bakerdays to see if you can find a cake with a design you like which would allow greater customisation options and could be delivered as soon as tomorrow.


Lidl And Aldi Personalised Cakes

We don’t believe the personalisation of cakes or cupcakes exists yet at either Lidl or Aldi.